Professional Server Certification Corporation (PSCC)

PSCC Courses:
Professional Server Certification Corporation (PSCC) offers unique training courses. PSCC courses incorporate audio, multimedia, retention testing, and feedback into each course to make it an interactive learning experience. PSCC courses are easy to follow and very effective learning tools.

PSCC Support Staff:
PSCC has a professional support staff 12 hours a day to answer any questions you may have while taking these courses.

PSCC Credentials:
PSCC has been teaching bartending and hospitality for over 20 years. PSCC training is nationally recognized and equips bartenders, waiters, waitresses, sellers, and servers all over the country.

PSCC Approval:
In developing their courses, PSCC coordinates its efforts with state liquor boards to make certain that the
courses meet state requirements. Although many states do not have an approval process for server certification courses, PSCC courses have been approved by the following State Liquor Control Boards:
Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

Wisconsin Department of Revenue

Utah Alcoholic Beverage Control Board

Illinois Liquor Control Commission


North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Board